Wednesday, January 28, 2009

LOOONNNGG Time, No Post!

Sorry Everyone. I know I havn't done a very good job with keeping up with this thing, and I know some of you are interested in whats going on up here.
Well lets see, we had a great time at Christmas getting to go home and see family although our flight down wasn't so great, bad turbulence and looonnnggg waits. No Fun. Dad & Mom drove us back up to Virginia so they could see what the area was like. We got to take a detour through Gatlinburg, TN, which was fun its really nice in that area.
School started back up this semester I have 18 hours. A little bit of a big and busy load, but I am enjoying it so far. I have a WRSP 102 (creative worship class); WRSP 104 (Music theory) WRSP 106 (Music theory sight singing class) WRSP 289 (choir) WRSP 330 (Computer Literacy, Finale Music software) COMS 101 (speech class) EVAN 101 (bible class) INFT 110 (Info Technology, Computer class) MUSC 251 (Guitar Lessons)
Amanda is still enjoying her job, keeps her quite busy at times but really likes the people she works with. I'm still playing on the praise team at church, and learning alot from that as well.
Something exciting I found out from last semester I had, 5-As and 1-B and finished the semester with a 3.76 GPA :)
Oh yeah, some of you know, but we also right after Thanksgiving bought a new car :) it's a 2009 Scion Xb in Stringray Metallic Blue. Its nice, I will try and post a picture of it.
We have had some snow up here, not a whole lot but enough. Yesterday and today was all ice, it's weird seeing all the tress and plants white but not with snow, just solid ice. Well I need to run to class, we are gonna try our best to keep up with this thing.

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